Systems Integration has potential benefits for enhanced functionality and automation as well as more focused and meaningful information to monitor and manage building performance. Today system integration includes all of the control systems in a building, but also encompasses facility management systems, business systems, and eventually utility grids.

Integrate your sytem

SmartEdge’s Systems Integration Solution perfects the integration of building and enterprise management, connecting all the data and systems – from building automation, security, access control, video management, and more – into a single, easy-to-use solution. You can confidently monitor, manage, and maintain a single building, campus or enterprise with ease.

SmartEdge has the experience and leading edge technology with numerous equipment manufacturers, to provide our clients with a Smart Path Forward and Integration capabilities.  SmartEdge has integrated and transitioned numerous clients with legacy systems, to current web-based technology, without having to replace your existing equipment.

With SmartEdge Systems Integration Solutions, you benefit from:

  • Open protocol system architecture
  • Protect your capital investment by utilizing your existing equipment
  • Simplified inclusion of multi-vendor and third-party applications
  • Energy & Operational cost savings
  • Expertise and Support from one source
  • Service of multi-vendor control systems including Honeywell, KMC, Metasys, Siemens, and Trane