Pennsylvania Sustainable Energy Finance Program(PennSEF)

The Pennsylvania Treasury Department has partnered with the Foundation for Renewable Energy and Environment (FREE), with financial support from the West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund, to develop a prudent, market-based investment vehicle that promotes energy and water efficiency, clean energy generation, economic development and environmental improvement.


To achieve this goal, FREE has established a Sustainable Energy Finance Program that will provide technical and legal assistance, as well as low cost capital, for energy improvements by municipalities, universities, schools, and hospitals – the MUSH sector.  Under the Program, participating organizations will receive free energy audits from pre-qualified energy services companies (ESCOs).  Once potential projects have been identified and the Participants have decided to proceed, bonds will be issued to finance the improvement work.  By aggregating the projects in a single financing, the Program will provide Participants with better financing terms than would be available individually.  The energy and water cost savings from the projects will be used to support the repayment of the bonds.

SmartEdge is one of the pre-qualified ESCOs that can provide the free energy audit services and technical assistance during the follow-on financing process.  Our energy experts will guide you through the Program and will offer no obligation upfront introductory overviews to explain the Program to appropriate management personnel.