The Ultimate Win-Win

Our Demand Response programs benefit everyone

NRG Curtailment Process

In simplest terms, Demand Response allows you to voluntarily commit to reducing electricity use in times when the electric grid is facing extreme conditions. Just as important is the way everyone benefits as this idea takes hold:

  • For end-users … curtailing usage means receiving financial incentives. In other words, you get paid for using less during critical times.
  • For utilities … having commitments in place from customers to use less energy during critical times lowers the potential for brownouts and provides an attractive alternative to constructing new power plants or investing in expensive capital improvements.


The proof is in the process:

While every demand response program we deliver is uniquely suited to the needs of our customers, the hallmarks of our overall approach can be summarized in this typical sequence of events:

  • Knowledge – Each customer receives a meter or device upgrade to track electricity use in real-time. This gives us access to your interval data, while allowing you to view your interval demands and kWh usage for improved energy management.
  • Strategy – Based on your energy consumption patterns and daily business operations, we can develop a real-world reduction strategy – one that is based on employee knowledge of Demand Response procedures.
  • Communication – In the event of an electric grid crisis or predicted supply shortage, the grid operator or utility will alert us of the need for emergency demand response action.
  • Action – Your designated event contact will be notified and will begin implementation of the prescribed reduction strategy.
  • Measurement – Your performance is determined by your reduction of electric demand from a previously calculated baseline. In some markets, reduction is measured against demand from the prior year’s peak hours. In others, it may be measured against a demand average from recent weeks, days or even hours.
  • Reward – At the conclusion of the demand response season, you receive payments based on the total kW reduction your company achieved during the designated time periods.


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