For over 40 years, Lancaster Central School District has partnered with SmartEdge to optimize energy consumption and automate their facilities throughout its multi-campus school district. As a large size K-12 school district located in Western New York, Lancaster CSD has been a leader in providing the best educational facilities for students and staff. Professional and classified staff in the Lancaster schools work together to provide a nurturing and supportive environment so that teaching and learning are maximized.

SmartEdge is assisting Lancaster CSD achieve their mission by expanding on our state of the art technology to assist them with making their facilities safe, comfortable, and energy efficient. SmartEdge’ SmartStruxure building management system will provide significant improvements to the facilities energy management and environmental controls systems by adding features like centralized-integrated controls to reduce energy usage, increase savings and comfort. With our SmartStruxure platform and improved energy management solutions in place throughout the district, Lancaster CSD can be assured that the facility is operating in the most cost effective and efficient manner, while improving student and staff performance.

Client Solutions:

  • Air Flow Monitoring and Variable Air Volume Controls
  • Air Handling Systems
  • BACnet Integration to Variable Flow Refrigeration Units
  • Boiler System Controls
  • CO2 Monitoring
  • Cooling System Controls
  • Critical Systems Alarming and Monitoring
  • Data Center Controls
  • Electrical Load Shedding
  • Electrical Switchgear Monitoring and Control
  • Emergency Generator Controls
  • Energy Recovery Systems
  • Laboratory Controls (Hood Monitors, Reheat Coils, Sash      Sensors, Supply and Exhaust Valves)
  • Lighting Controls
  • Occupancy | Scheduling Control
  • Room Humidity, Pressure, and Temperature Controls
  • Utility Benchmarking | Assessment
  • Utility Metering | Energy Dashboard
  • Variable Speed Pumping
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