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SmartEdge has been selected by the New York Power Authority (NYPA) for Expedited Implementation Services for the New York Energy Services Program.  This will allow SmartEdge to bid on design build projects within specific regions throughout New York State.  NYPA currently revenues over $300 Million in energy services business annually.  This work is being pushed out to qualified vendors such as SmartEdge to design and install.

The New York Power Authority (“NYPA” or “Authority") is a corporate municipal instrumentality and political subdivision of the State of New York. NYPA is the nation’s largest state power organization and one of New York’s leading electricity suppliers. NYPA provides some of the lowest-cost electricity in New York State, operating 16 generating facilities and more than 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines. Its primary business is to provide lower cost energy for the benefit of the people of New York State. The Authority does so by constructing, owning and safely operating electric generation and transmission facilities, selling lower cost out-of-state energy and promoting conservation without resorting to tax revenues or state funds.

NYPA is also a leader in promoting energy efficiency and the development of clean energy technologies. The Authority has the statutory authorization to serve public entities, independent not-for profit colleges and universities, and customers under its energy programs. Since the 1980’s, NYPA has financed nearly $1.9 billion in energy efficiency projects completed or in various stages of development. NYPA has completed energy efficiency and clean energy projects at more than 5,200 public facilities throughout the state. The resulting efficiency improvements help to reduce tax payer funded energy costs.

NYPA primarily delivers energy efficiency and renewable energy program services to its customers through a “best of breed” design-bid-build approach, whereby engineering and project management consultants are competitively procured. In turn, these consultants go to bid for construction material and labor services. Certain types of projects can be delivered more effectively and efficiently, however, through an expedited, vertically integrated approach, whereby a single entity performs the engineering and construction. This solicitation seeks to expand NYPA’s pool of implementation resources and to prequalify new type of energy project delivery companies (“CONTRACTORS”). CONTRACTORS selected through this solicitation will enter into a five-year term contract with NYPA, and be eligible to compete for opportunities to perform projects on an expedited delivery basis for NYPA’s CUSTOMERS within New York State. To perform the work under this solicitation, the Authority would develop the scope of work. The scope of work shall be for the design and installation of a technology or set of technologies in a specific region within New York State. (See Attachment to this IFB for technology types). At the approval of the Authority and its Customer, the Authority would competitively bid the scope of work through a Request For Proposal (RFP) process among the pool of CONTRACTORS. The Authority and its Customer would evaluate the proposals and select a Contractor to perform the work. The Authority would provide oversight over the CONTRACTOR and would be the main point of contact throughout the work.

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