Building Controls & Services, Inc., an energy services and building automation company typically referred to as 'BCS' is rebranding itself as SmartEdge to better define the company's wide range of building-related service offerings.

This branding change does not reflect any change in management of the company or in its ownership.  Rather, it represents a strategic change in focus as the company sets its sights on aggressively growing its business in the management of building environments.

The name change to SmartEdge is intended to better align with the company's commitment to always be on the leading edge of superior customer service providing intelligent solutions for our customers.  It is in keeping with the company's four core service offerings of energy and sustainable solutions, smart building solutions, facility service solutions, and IT & data networking solutions.

With nearly 100 employees, the company provides smart building and energy solutions from one trusted, proven and local partner.  The result is the optimal user experience - safe, comfortable, and efficient spaces and increased ROI from the investment in facilities and relationships. 

We remain firmly committed to the same deep-seated values that have driven us to be successful for over 25 years under the banner of Building Controls & Services.  Changing our name to SmartEdge means that we are taking the company up a notch.  We are committed, not just to the values, ethical behaviors, and great service that have gotten us to where we are today, but to constantly improving those traits and ascending to the very summit of competent performance and integrity.

Our name may have changed, but the core of what we stand for has not.  We create, manage, and return value everywhere we can.  It is our values driving value.  At SmartEdge, we believe this is the only way to do business.