If you are installing a new Energy Management System (EMS) or expanding an existing system to control additional equipment, you could be reimbursed by the number of eligible control points.


  • Must be an Upstate New York National Grid Commercial Electric Account holder and pay into the System Benefits Charge (SBC). IRS recognized farms and religious organizations may also be eligible if they pay into the SBC.  Please verify with a copy of a National Grid electric utility bill.
  • Measures not listed on the application may be eligible for incentives under the Custom C&I Retrofit program. Please contact your National Grid Representative for additional details.

Pre-Approval Requirements:

  • Only completed applications will be considered and reviewed for incentive eligibility.
  • All projects require a pre-inspection prior to National Grid issuing an incentive offer letter.
  • BEFORE purchasing and installing the equipment, ensure the project is eligible for an incentive.
  • National Grid account number, Federal Tax ID numbers and a W-9 form for the customer must be provided.
  • Be sure to identify the customer or installation contractor receiving the incentive and where the check is to be sent.

Visit the National Grid Website for more information!

As a value-added service, we will take care of the National Grid Application Form when in conjunction with any SmartEdge project!

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