Energy metering your way

Energy metering is a data collection and visualization that aggregates volumes of raw energy data into actionable information. As a fully client-owned or cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) model, SmartEdge gives you reduced solution cost, real-time energy information, and a very flexible and mobile energy solution enhanced by our expert services. Highly intuitive and easy to use, it integrates any incoming energy data and presents it to suit any user. You can normalize and aggregate data for executives, create reports for energy managers that combine data from multiple sources, and even present energy data in your lobby kiosk to share your good energy news with customers or employees.

Distill and visualize all your data.

Aggregate data from any source, tailor dashboards and delivery methods, and clearly express and visualize relevant data

Track and optimize energy performance

Evaluate new energy opportunities, forecast energy consumption, and calculate ROI.  Also analyze operating changes, track and summarize key energy data, and measure and validate savings.

Control and manage costs

Discover anomalies that are causing energy waste, explore efficiency initiatives to save energy, and proactively manage processes.  Allocate and recover costs by process, department or building.

Scale according to your needs

Pay only for what you need.  As your specifications change, Energy Operation easily grows with you.

Support corporate compliance

Push energy data to your company website, or even lobby kiosks, to share the good news and show your progress.  Promote a green image and report on sustainability.