How are YOU going to MANAGE a crisis when it happens?

Even if everything has been done to protect a school from crisis and the means exist to review an emergency situation after the fact, it is still important to ask: How is a crisis going to be managed as it happens?

SmartEdge is your cost-effective Mass Notification and Crisis Management solution to customers in industries as diverse as, hospitals, education, defense, financial institutions, government, houses of worship, museums, information technology, and a variety of diverse manufacturing companies.  From small office buildings to large industrial facilities, SmartEdge can provide the products to meet the needs of your business or industry. No matter what business we work with, one thing is certain; our goal is to offer exceptional service and advice for all your Mass Notification and Crisis Management needs, in addition, to 100% customer satisfaction.

When critical situations happen you need the ability to communicate as effectively and efficiently as possible.  When seconds count it cannot take minutes to do.  Some of our services include:

  • District Wide Paging
  • Visual and Audio devices
  • Email, SMS, Message Boards, SMTP, Voice Distribution

Download our Mass Notification Case Study - Fort LeBoeuf School District