SmartEdge worked with the Madison Central School District in Central New York to develop an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) that will produce annual energy and operations & maintenance cost savings of over $85,000.  The $1.5M improvement program includes the following energy conservation measures:

  • High Efficiency Condensing Boilers
  • Propane Fuel Tank Farm
  • Steam to Hot Water Heating Conversion
  • Unit Ventilator Upgrade
  • Domestic Hot Water Heating Upgrade
  • New Pumping System with Variable Frequency Speed Drives
  • Interior/Exterior Lighting Upgrades
  • Gymnasium Heating and Ventilating Unit Upgrade
  • Office Area HVAC Upgrade
  • HVAC Direct Digital Control System

Prior to the implementation of the EPC, the district’s Energy Star rating was 58.  Upon completion of all of the energy conservation measures, the district’s rating will be 81 for a 23 percentile improvement. 

Additionally, as a result of the success of the Energy Performance Contract, SmartEdge was engaged to develop a plan for the complete upgrade of all HVAC Direct Digital Control System components in the remainder of the building not covered by work under the EPC.