After being selected by the Lewiston-Porter Central School District through a competitive RFP process, SmartEdge developed an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) for the district’s campus in Lewiston, New York that resulted in annual energy, operations and maintenance cost savings of over $130,000.  The $1.75M improvement program included the following energy conservation measures:

  • HVAC Direct Digital Control System
  • Kitchen Equipment Upgrade
  • Dedicated Pool Water Heating System
  • High Efficiency Chiller
  • Air Handling Unit Upgrade
  • Roof-Top Unit Replacement
  • Cogeneration System
  • HVAC Equipment Upgrades Including Steam Traps, Control Valves, Coils and Duct Work Repairs
  • Domestic Hot Water Heating System Upgrade
  • Roof Replacement

The EPC generated cumulative cost savings of almost $2M over the term of the contract.