More visibility, faster solutions
Facility Explorer provides industry-leading web accessibility beyond just the supervisory level, allowing you to see and act on vital systems information from more places. You can view information at the individual field controller level or across your entire IT network, from wherever you are, not just your workstation.  This improved, higher level of visibility into building operations means you can resolve problems faster, maintaining occupant comfort, and minimizing deviations from energy saving strategies. Do what you need to do, when it needs to be done.

Less complex, more friendly
Everyone wants a user-friendly interface. Facility Explorer makes building control easier than ever thanks to an exclusive systems development appliance that combines the benefits of standard systems integration with the flexibility to handle tasks unique to your installation.

High technology without the high maintenance
As enterprises grow more sophisticated and facilities spread out, it doesn't change your job.  You still have to manage costs and deliver facilities that ensure comfort and productivity.  Facility Explorer is designed to make this job easier.  Even though buildings aren't physically connected, they can talk to each other.  Facility Explorer technology not only gives you industry-leading accessibility over the web, you can also link building information over cell networks.  This means you have greater flexibility to coordinate and control building operations enterprise-wide.  Without making major investments in network communications infrastructure.  And you have more capabilities to handle future expansion and upgrades.

Facility Explorer
Johnston Controls Facility Explorer