Build Smart NY is New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’ program for aggressively pursuing energy efficiency in NY State government buildings, while advancing economic growth, environmental protection, and energy security in NY State. 

The centerpiece of Build Smart NY is Executive Order 88 (EO 88), which was issued by Governor Cuomo on December 28, 2012.  The Source Energy Use Intensity is the metric that will be used to assess State buildings' collective energy portfolios toward the Governor's 20% target.

The Executive Order designates the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to coordinate compliance and drive the State to the Order’s 20% target.  NYPA, the largest state public power organization in the nation, has a long history of supporting the advancement of energy efficiency in governmental facilities.  Within NYPA, a central Management and Implementation Team (CMIT) has been established to administer the Executive Order.  The Executive Order indicates that the NYPA CMIT is responsible for a number of tasks, including developing annual milestones to achieve the 20% target.

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