8 Ways to Increase Patient Satisfaction in the Healthcare Industry (and ultimately those HCAHPS scores)!

It's no secret, patient satisfaction and a focus on value-based care is a top priority for hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide.  HCA...

Reducing Maintenance Costs with Energy Efficiency

Despite the challenges of working with increasing economic restraints, little changes in maintenance and operations can significantly impact the ef...

Smart Building

Smart Buildings Save Energy and Improve Occupant Comfort

Smart Buildings Save Energy and Improve Occupant Comfort Smart technologies can reduce a building's energy use by nearly a fifth and yield addition...

School Hall

5 Tips to Increase School Safety and Security

With the ongoing and growing threats in our nation's schools, it's never been more important to ensure we are prepared for the unthinkable. Althoug...

Save Money

5 Tips to Reduce Operational and Energy Costs Associated with Facilities

With tighter budgets and extra pressure on Facility Managers to cut costs, it’s important to know the no-cost ways of substantially cutting back ...

Internet of Things

The IoT convergence: making buildings more efficient and reliable

Driven by these trends, your facility team may be facing corporate mandates and government regulations aimed at making your building, campus, or plant


The False Choice Between Automation and Jobs

We live in a world where productivity, a key pillar of long-term economic growth, has crumbled. In the United States, Europe, and other...

Solar Competition

Energy Dept. launches $3M solar manufacturing competition

Two days after President Trump slapped a 30 percent tariff on foreign solar panels, Energy Secretary Rick Perry on Wednesday announced a $3 million gr


How to Get Employees to Stop Worrying and Love AI

David Maister was angry. He had been surprised and annoyed to learn that his company had set up a new AI-based marketing system that was doing most of

Facility Management

Get Smart with Tech-Enabled Facility Management

Campus facilities management can be in the know with tech strategies that provide a view into operations, space utilization, and service delivery and

Facility Management

The Need to Shift Control for Profitable Efficiency

The Need to Shift Control for Profitable Efficiency. For the better part of a century, engineers applied real-time control to improve the

Solar Panels

Uncovering Opportunities: Changing how we think about Energy

Uncovering Opportunities: Changing how we think about Energy Schneider Electric Blog by Vincent Petit  | Original Article

AI taking over

How Will AI Change Work? Here Are 5 Schools of Thought

How Will AI Change Work? Here Are 5 Schools of Thought HBR.org by Mark Knickrehm | Full Article    


How to Optimize a Building Automation System to Improve Efficiency

How to Optimize a BAS to Improve Efficiency From: Insulation: Sealing In Energy Savings, FacilitiesNet  

active shooter

The rise of active shooter incidents sparks the NFPA to fast-track a new standard

For only the second time in history, NFPA authorizes a provisional standard January 8, 2018 – A rise in active shooter incidents and the escal...