Building Internet of Things Makes Greener, Smarter Buildings

Delivering an attractive ROI by uncovering unseen opportunities in HVAC, energy loads, lighting, water, and renewables...Delivering an attractive ROI

Smart Buildings: How to Justify an Investment in Analytics Software

By combining fault detection and diagnostics, monitoring-based commissioning, and building analytics, facility managers can understand...

Importance of Building Management Systems in creating efficient infrastructure

Building management systems are an infrastructure control system that is installed with the aim to make secure and reliable buildings. The system is u

Top 10 Smart Building IoT Trends in 2018

For commercial buildings, the transition to smart buildings is vital to the growth of an organization.

A simple approach is the future of building automation systems

Thanks to improved wireless networking technology and standardized communication protocols, it’s easier than ever to collect data from sensors...

Two Case Studies: Evaluating Pneumatics vs. Direct Digital Controls

Two Chicago buildings illustrate how facility managers must weigh several factors when choosing between controls systems.

EcoStruxure Building

Is Your Building Designed to Help People Thrive?

by Manish Kumar | Original article Have you heard the story about Greg and his building at Boston Scientific?  If you’ve ever heard me speak to...

Athletic Field

From security to football, how one school district funded its wishlist

Create comfortable classrooms, improve campus security and boost athletic environments: these are common desires for today’s educators. But how c...

Internet of Things

Leverage the IoT to Create Smart Buildings that Unlock Value

Building management is getting easier and more powerful thanks to innovative technology that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT). By connecting ...

Smart Schools

Are You Utilizing the Smart Schools Bond Funds Allocated to your District?

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced approval of 154 Smart Schools Investment Plans aimed at reimagining teaching and learning for the 21st cen...

Smart Building

Demand for efficiency drives smart buildings trend

There is no denying buildings are getting smarter. By 2022 the global smart building market is expected to reach US$31.7 billion, at a compound annual

Smart Building

Smart Buildings Save Energy and Improve Occupant Comfort

Smart Buildings Save Energy and Improve Occupant Comfort Smart technologies can reduce a building's energy use by nearly a fifth and yield addition...

Internet of Things

The IoT convergence: making buildings more efficient and reliable

Driven by these trends, your facility team may be facing corporate mandates and government regulations aimed at making your building, campus, or plant


How to Get Employees to Stop Worrying and Love AI

David Maister was angry. He had been surprised and annoyed to learn that his company had set up a new AI-based marketing system that was doing most of