How Integrating Security and Building Automation Saves Time, Energy

By embracing the convergence of security and building automation systems, emergency and building managers are creating smarter, energy-efficient campu

Athletic Field

From security to football, how one school district funded its wishlist

Create comfortable classrooms, improve campus security and boost athletic environments: these are common desires for today’s educators. But how c...

Smart Schools

Are You Utilizing the Smart Schools Bond Funds Allocated to your District?

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced approval of 154 Smart Schools Investment Plans aimed at reimagining teaching and learning for the 21st cen...

Card Access

Practical Steps to Improve Access Control Maintenance on Campus

Back in the days when locks and keys were the standard-bearers for access control, performing routine maintenance was a relatively straightforward pro


If a Crisis Happened, Would You Be Ready?

A fire breaks out in the middle school auditorium. A water main breaks, forcing the elementary school to cancel classes. A very suspicious stranger...

School Hall

5 Tips to Increase School Safety and Security

With the ongoing and growing threats in our nation's schools, it's never been more important to ensure we are prepared for the unthinkable. Althoug...

active shooter

The rise of active shooter incidents sparks the NFPA to fast-track a new standard

For only the second time in history, NFPA authorizes a provisional standard January 8, 2018 – A rise in active shooter incidents and the escal...

Security threat

How important is campus safety and security to you?

From the campus entrance to network administration: how higher education is addressing the latest security developments Campus safety and security ...

Cyber Attack

Study: 78 Percent of Healthcare Providers Reported Cyberattacks in Past Year!

The study, which was conducted by Mimecast and HIMSS Analytics, examined 76 senior IT professionals at various sized healthcare facilities.

Tomorrow's School Shooting

Prevent 'Tomorrow's' School Shooting

What if you could take a Look at 'Tomorrow's' School Shooting? Could you prevent it today? Learn the warning signs!