Building Internet of Things Makes Greener, Smarter Buildings

Delivering an attractive ROI by uncovering unseen opportunities in HVAC, energy loads, lighting, water, and renewables...Delivering an attractive ROI

What is the IoT Edge?

Each of us can point to a new technology that changed life as we knew it. The TV remote. The PC or Mac.

Managing Power Protection, Control and Automation is like Building a Winning Team

You’ve heard it said: “defense wins championships”. Yet every year we see franchises invest in a few select positions without a complementary em

What is the Industrial Edge?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming industrial spaces across the globe through digitization of once manual processes. Enterprises...

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Is Your Building Designed to Help People Thrive?

by Manish Kumar | Original article Have you heard the story about Greg and his building at Boston Scientific?  If you’ve ever heard me speak to...

Internet of Things

The IoT convergence: making buildings more efficient and reliable

Driven by these trends, your facility team may be facing corporate mandates and government regulations aimed at making your building, campus, or plant

AI taking over

How Will AI Change Work? Here Are 5 Schools of Thought

How Will AI Change Work? Here Are 5 Schools of Thought by Mark Knickrehm | Full Article    

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EcoStruxure - The Backbone of a Smart Building Strategy

EcoStruxure - The Backbone of a Smart Building Strategy

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The Internet of Things (IoT) and Intelligent Facilities Management

The application of intelligent-building and IoT technology should support three important goals: reduce costs, reduce risk, and improve the occupa...

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Internet of Things (IOT)

Possibilities Abound for Internet of Things Technology We’ve been hearing lots of talk about the Internet of Things (IOT) for at least a couple o...

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From Millions to Billions: The Rise of Healthcare Mobile Applications

Walk down the hallway of a top hospital today and you’ll be confronted with a rising tide of mobile technology. You’ll see patients fiddling wi...