Cyber Attack

Study: 78 Percent of Healthcare Providers Reported Cyberattacks in Past Year!

The study, which was conducted by Mimecast and HIMSS Analytics, examined 76 senior IT professionals at various sized healthcare facilities.

Tomorrow's School Shooting

Prevent 'Tomorrow's' School Shooting

What if you could take a Look at 'Tomorrow's' School Shooting? Could you prevent it today? Learn the warning signs!

Cold Person Working

What is Your Cold Building Costing You?

What you may not factor when considering to turn down the thermostat a few degrees is the cost of the toll on your human capital.

Data Center Management

How Smart is your Data Center?

As the data lake grows, so does the ability to drive proactive service and support recommendations and improve outcomes...

8 Myths Surrounding Smart Buildings

The Top 8 Myths Surrounding Smart Buildings

“Smart” buildings have become the buildings of the future.  They are preferred because they have proven to save energy and cut back the need t...