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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced approval of 154 Smart Schools Investment Plans aimed at reimagining teaching and learning for the 21st century. The approved plans, totaling $103.2 million, are part of the $2 billion Smart Schools Bond Act - a sweeping education technology initiative first proposed by the Governor and overwhelmingly approved by voters. The investments authorized today will modernize classrooms across New York and equip students with the skills they need to thrive in the global economy. 

The plans approved were submitted by 136 school districts and 8 special education schools. Projects include $43.3 million for school connectivity projects, $40.6 million for classroom technology purchases, $15.6 million for high-tech security projects, and $3.7 million to construct prekindergarten classrooms and to replace transportable classrooms.

Governor Cuomo also established the Smart Schools Commission to gather information on strategies for how schools can most effectively invest the bond funds.  This advisory commission produced a final report recommending a focus on expanding robust broadband and wireless connectivity and utilizing transformative technologies.  The report also outlines the eligibility of high-tech security features under this bond.

A summary of the 154 plans is available here.

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