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More school districts than ever are looking for ways to add even greater value to their communities and, increasingly, we find that state-of-the-art athletic facilities fit the bill. Students love athletics and they often serve as a rallying point for communities, making these facilities highly visible representations of the school district and the public at large. We’ve even been told by a client executive that these facilities “are the lens through which the community gauges the district’s leadership.” So you can plainly see that athletic facilities play an important role in school districts.

Here are three key ways we have found to help modernize athletic environments:

1. Ensure best-in-class pools. Pool areas are constantly exposed to harsh chemicals and water, which means they often deteriorate faster than other facilities. Advanced technologies help keep natatoriums more comfortable through improved HVAC and other systems that maintain water temperature longer. Along with extending the life of natatoriums, these cutting-edge solutions reduce energy costs and improve the overall experience.

2. Create top-notch gyms. Gymnasiums were often constructed without proper air circulation systems. But for buildings with vast spaces and a lot of sweat, that’s not a good game plan. At the same time, many gyms are outfitted with outdated lighting that produces significant ancillary heat, accompanied by high operating costs. We use the latest HVAC technology, which leads to better comfort and cost-savings. Meanwhile, state-of-the-art LED light fixtures produce little heat and cycle on very quickly, so it’s easier to turn lights off when not in use. These lights also last longer so schools pay less in maintenance and replacement (and their maintenance staff can focus elsewhere).

3. Update outdoor stadiums to professional-level. We have found that many schools’ stadiums were never set up with proper lighting, which not only makes the big game less exciting, but also leads to high costs. By contrast, the latest LED lighting technology saves so much money that schools we work with are able to update their stadium lighting to pro-quality Musco LED fixtures. Fixtures that light the field, not the neighborhood around it. These advanced lighting systems make sports experiences feel more special and bring the community together over shared pride for their home team. And the leader of the district can feel good about the “lens” that he or she is viewed through by the community.

What else is on your district wish list?

Athletics isn’t the only priority for K-12 school districts. Innovative funding solutions also allow administrators to create more comfortable classrooms and improve safety and security. 

Contact us today to find out how SmartEdge can help your school district pay for these improvements through your energy savings!



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