Smart Buildings Save Energy and Improve Occupant Comfort

Smart technologies can reduce a building's energy use by nearly a fifth and yield additional benefits, such as increased worker productivity!  Buildings of all kinds can benefit from the latest interconnected technologies, from simple occupancy sensors to complex energy management and information systems.  Whether schools, offices, hospitals, or hotels there are notable differences in the use of smart technologies.  For example, almost 3/4 of the healthcare sector use a Building Automation System (BAS), while less than 40% of hotels contain them  Some facilities may save more energy than others, but given the wide variety of emerging technologies, all can benefit.

How typical buildings benefit from being "smart".

Smart Building

Commercial Office Buildings: Improved audio and video technology means that office workers telecommute more than ever.  Smart devices like occupancy sensors, smart thermostats, and HVAC and lighting controls can help reduce energy usage in unoccupied areas.  These systems improve worker productivity and even increases property value.

Hospitals: Because hospitals typically operate 24/7 and rely on significant mechanical equipment to maintain patient health and comfort, they are also the most energy-intensive type of commercial building. Smart lighting systems can reduce energy use and increase patient comfort. ventilation controls with smart sensors can maintain the ventilation needed to prevent the spread of disease.

Schools: Smart Building Management Systems (BMS), thermostats, and lights can help reduce energy consumption and create a more comfortable learning environment for students. Smart security measures like card access, CCTV, and integrated fire alarm systems help students feel safe and protected.

Industrial: A well-controlled plant is energy efficient, with improved profit margins.  Good control systems can minimize the cost of manufacturing and can easily save a company between 5-15%.

Hotels:  Guest management systems, mobile check-in, and card access technologies work hand in hand with energy-saving smart technologies that control guest room lighting, temperature, and window shading.  Smart apps offer guests an even more customized experience, improving the hotel's revenue.


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