With the ongoing and growing threats in our nation's schools, it's never been more important to ensure we are prepared for the unthinkable. Although there are many extensive crisis management strategies and prevention programs available on the internet, a few simple improvements can go a long way.

With each new school tragedy, the demand for a fully integrated security system to protect, alert, and inform people in an emergency is heightened. But what can we do NOW until we get these vital systems in place?

Safe school hall
  1. Know the Signs:  High-risk individuals often show signs before an act of violence takes place.  Be sure your staff is well-trained on knowing what to look for and how to intervene and get help for that person.
  2. Say Something:  Encourage staff and students to say something when they see a threat.  Sign Up to bring SHP certified Say Something trainers to your school!
  3. Survey Your Facilities for Simple Safety Improvements: Trimming overgrown bushes, proper signage, well-lit parking areas, security patrol, and designated assembly areas for evacuation are small measures that can greatly increase safety.
  4. Formulate a Policy:  Write a plan that defines what behaviors are and are not acceptable in your school.  Train your staff on how to neutralize potentially violent situations.  Encourage parent and student participation.  Include procedures for crisis management and practice these procedures regularly.

For more tips view our “Active Shooter Threat Assessment Checklist

Also, check out the "Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans" developed by the U.S. Department of Education.

Following these tips is only a starting place.  SmartEdge can install a fully integrated security system including CCTV cameras, access control, emergency lighting and mass notification systems.  Give your students and staff a piece of mind that they are protected with the latest and greatest technologies.

SmartEdge works with Superintendents and Business Managers of School Districts to:

  • Reduce operational and energy costs associated with facilities
  • Increase sutdent safety and security
  • Improve the student learning environment

If these things are interesting to you, contact us today to learn more!

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