With tighter budgets and extra pressure on Facility Managers to cut costs, it’s important to know the no-cost ways of substantially cutting back energy consumption.  We have compiled 5 easy tips to help you meet your energy savings goals.

  1. Reduce Night Site Lighting – Depending on how your site lighting is set up, you can create an “economize mode” for overnight when the site is at its lowest occupancy
  2. Recommission Your Facilities – Save an average of 15% on energy costs by discovering and limiting energy-wasting issues.
  3. Turn Off Vending Machine Lights – Remove the light bulbs from vending machines as they are non-essential to facility operations.  Post a notice on the machines that they are still in operating condition but bulbs have been removed to reduce energy consumption.
  4. Involve All Occupants to Help Trim Energy Costs – Team up with your custodians, staff, students, etc. to help keep lights off, power usage and waste down.  Recruit staff to make sure all equipment is off after personnel leaves.  Energy dashboards are a great way to draw interest.
  5. Use Process Improvements to Reduce Kitchen Energy Use – If you have a commercial kitchen, chances are it’s likely to be what’s using the most energy. Observe current processes, review operation instructions for best efficiency, and create a plan to reduce consumption.

Ask us today about our Performance Contracts that allow you to undergo a full energy saving project, often with no out-of-pocket cots and a positive cash flow for the length of the project.


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"5 Tips to Reduce Operational and Energy Costs Associated with Facilities"

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