Healthcare Facilities require mission-critical infrastructure and energy management systems. In an environment that operates 24/7 where downtime is not an option, having an Energy Manager to provide insight on the facility infrastructure as well as solutions that drive savings and increase patient satisfaction is highly valuable. If you do not have an Energy Manager, consider partnering with an industry expert. SmartEdge enjoys and values working with our Healthcare clients to provide this intelligence.             

Healthcare facilities must cope with the challenges of energy management in a mission-critical environment, according to an article on the Energy Manager Today website.

It is not an exaggeration to say that an energy manager is a key player on a patient’s healthcare team, the article said.

The first challenge is that they simply can’t go offline. The second element that puts pressure on healthcare facilities is that energy is used for more things than perhaps any other type of facility.

The final difference is that air quality is particularly important in healthcare settings. Filtering of impurities takes on added importance when a good portion of the people in the structure are quite ill, have communicable diseases, or both.

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