In a fast-moving global economy, businesses need to adapt quickly when there is opportunity for technology to give them an advantage. Collaboration and innovation are essential in ensuring solutions that will drive competitive advantage as well as sustainability. This is certainly true in energy management and building optimization, where facility automation and power management solutions can make a big difference in comfort and reliability – as well as cost.

But with technology advancing constantly, and so many choices available, how does a customer know who to turn to, and which technologies can work together for a viable solution?


EcoXpert™ Partner Program.

One Program. One Network. Endless Opportunities.

To bridge this gap and help connect expertise, Schneider Electric launched the EcoXpert Partner Program. This esteemed partnership between Schneider Electric and the world’s leading system integrators and technology providers in building control and power management, like SmartEdge, is driving business value for our shared customers all over the globe. Through specialized certification programs, EcoXpert companies acquire the shared knowledge of our company’s worldwide energy management and building optimization professionals, while Schneider Electric gains a dedicated group of skilled partners who share the same vision of pioneering the future of intelligent buildings and Internet of Things.

In the past couple of years, this program has attracted more than 2,700 certified partners in more than 35 countries. Together, we make one proud network of local and regional certified partners who have the expertise to deliver best-in-class services and solutions to our valued customers.

Luxury gets an upgrade

A good example of how this shared expertise can serve customers can be seen in a luxury hotel. This 4-star hotel wanted to upgrade its guest services and building control systems, in order to offer guests a state-of-the-art experience.

The hotel contacted a major provider of lighting and building control automation in France. As it happened, that company is a certified Schneider Electric EcoXpert company, and they quickly called in the Schneider Electric team to collaborate with them. Working together, we were able to provide the hotel with a seamless system that goes from the iPad on the guest’s bedside table to all the services and controls available in the establishment. Through the iPad, guests can access the TV, AC, lights, front desk, room service, laundry, and all the other amenities of the hotel. On the business side, management can monitor room settings, generate reports, and ensure the optimum comfort of every guest.

There aren’t many companies who can deliver such a comprehensive, seamless solution across so many technologies. But through Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert program, together, we were able to deliver this impressive solution in a timely manner, enhancing the hotel’s image and customer loyalty for years to come.

Much more to come

This is just one example of the EcoXpert program’s success. But what’s in it for you? By partnering with SmartEdge - a certified EcoXpert partner company, you gain the backing of a global leader in this industry, our expertise in building optimization and energy management, and exclusive benefits that include competency development training courses, favorable rewards, coaching on cutting-edge technology and solutions, a partnership that supports your business at every angle, and so much more.

Keep an eye on our blogs as we’ll be sharing more of these success stories with you, as well as keeping you updated on what is new and exciting in the EcoXpert Partner Program.

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