SmartEdge installed equipment at the Fox Run Orchard Park Senior Living Community Center Bistro that allowed for display and recording of live cooking demonstrations, as well as provided for audio source selection & sound reinforcement for the surrounding area. The new setup impressed Celebrity Chef “Jet Tila” and prompted him to write a letter to SmartEdge expressing how it was the best setup he has had the privilege to work in. The project consisted of the following:

There were 2- 60” TV’s installed to display video that’s provided by 2 separate cameras on either side of the prep table in the Bistro. The cameras can be selected to show on either TV at same time, or either camera can be sent to both TV’s. The user also has a wireless headset microphone for hands free prep and demonstration. This audio can be selected to be heard in the bistro and the Gallery either independently or combined. This is controlled via a Crestron touch screen. The Gallery can also be operated independently for a local audio source in the area even if something is in progress in the Bistro.

The video system is able to record the cooking event, as it is in progress and offers the ability to save it to a disk for viewing later. The whole system is incorporated into the facility network for maintenance and access to all network processors.

The system also has the ability to switch viewing sources to the TV’s for non-event activities. There is selection for cable TV for a full complement of channels, and a presentation input for laptop PowerPoint presentations with audio as well.

The audio system is controlled via Ashly digital signal processed amp and is controlled via Crestron. The existing ceiling speakers are optimized for the room for maximum clarity and volume via internal digital signal processor. Routing audio to either the Bistro or Gallery or both areas is accomplished by a simple button push on the touchscreen.

The system is lockable and protected with a passcode on the touchscreen controller as well to deter non-users from tampering with the system on off-hours. When the system is not in use, it’s utilized as a surveillance system where the cameras are positioned to monitor the cash register and room activity. The user can then review this footage off a network web interface by Watchnet DVR.

SmartEdge also installed a new system in the Event Center at the same facility.

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