Two Case Studies: Evaluating Pneumatics vs. Direct Digital Controls

Two Chicago buildings illustrate how facility managers must weigh several factors when choosing between controls systems.

Why You Should Use a Building Automation System

The operating costs of a building can be pretty substantial, no matter what the building is being used for. Depending on the size of the building...

How Integrating Security and Building Automation Saves Time, Energy

By embracing the convergence of security and building automation systems, emergency and building managers are creating smarter, energy-efficient campu

What is the Industrial Edge?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming industrial spaces across the globe through digitization of once manual processes. Enterprises...

4 Steps to Better Coordinate Building Automation Systems and Security

Here’s how schools and universities can thrive by tying building automation systems to physical security systems.

EcoStruxure Building

Is Your Building Designed to Help People Thrive?

by Manish Kumar | Original article Have you heard the story about Greg and his building at Boston Scientific?  If you’ve ever heard me speak to...

Energy Star Logo

New Energy Star Scores are Coming!

On August 26, EPA will release its updated models based on new data - and Energy Star scores will likely change.  Here's what you need to know: Ev...


Optimizing HVAC Systems for Better Energy Efficiency

Given that HVAC systems typically account for 44% of commercial buildings’ energy consumption, HVAC optimizati...

Athletic Field

From security to football, how one school district funded its wishlist

Create comfortable classrooms, improve campus security and boost athletic environments: these are common desires for today’s educators. But how c...

Internet of Things

Leverage the IoT to Create Smart Buildings that Unlock Value

Building management is getting easier and more powerful thanks to innovative technology that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT). By connecting ...


Why do our customers prefer EcoXperts?

What is an EcoXpert? An EcoXpert is a Schneider Electric partner company that is trained and certified on EcoStruxure, an open, interoperable, IoT-...

Smart Schools

Are You Utilizing the Smart Schools Bond Funds Allocated to your District?

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced approval of 154 Smart Schools Investment Plans aimed at reimagining teaching and learning for the 21st cen...

Card Access

Practical Steps to Improve Access Control Maintenance on Campus

Back in the days when locks and keys were the standard-bearers for access control, performing routine maintenance was a relatively straightforward pro

Energy Star

Are You at Risk for Losing your Energy Star Certification?

Later this year, some buildings certified under the Energy Star program likely will lose that certification after the release of updated building perf


NYSERDA's K-12 Initiative Encourages Schools to Lower Energy Use

This summer, NYSERDA will be launching the K-12 Initiative. This initiative encourages schools to lower energy use and utility bills while reducing...