SmartEdge offers Asset Management and Tracking solutions.  It is vital to the companies to keep track and document physical equipment. No matter what business we work with, one thing is certain; our goal is to offer exceptional service and advice for all your Asset Management needs, in addition, to 100% customer satisfaction. Asset tracking refers to tracking the movement of physical assets, either by scanning barcode tags attached to the assets or by using smart tags, like 'passive' RFID, which broadcast their location, but which have limited transmission range (typically a few meters). Longer-range "smart tags" use 'active' RFID where a radio transmitter is powered by a battery and can transmit up to 2000 meters (6,600 feet) in optimum conditions. RFID-based Asset Tracking requires an infrastructure to be put in place before the whereabouts of tags may be ascertained. An asset tracking system can record the location and usage of the assets and generate various reports. 

Some examples of our services:

  • QRCode Asset Tracking
  • GPS Asset Tracking
  • LAN/WAN Asset Tracking